Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hiragana Times - Badges of Ignorance

In the upcoming issue of Hiragana Times magazine (printed in both English and Japanese), there is an article about Hanzi Smatter by J. M. Ventura titled "Badges of Ignorance".

Click on the following images for larger view or download pdf file here.

Thanks Hiragana Times and Mr. J. M. Ventura.


hiragana times - may 05, 2006
(cover full size)

hiragana times - may 05, 2006 p25
(page 25 full size)

hiragana times - may 05, 2006 p26
(page 26 full size)

hiragana times - may 05, 2006 p27
(page 27 full size)


  1. What're the characters above the Japanese? Is that a different character set or a translation from one language to another? Congratulations on the increasing coverage!

  2. Hunter,

    The smaller characters on top of Japanese kanji are hiragana. They are there to provide phonetic information.

  3. More specifically, they're furigana, also known as "ruby" characters. They're a literacy aid, which also can convey subtle wordplay, alternate pronunciations, and the like.

  4. Congratulations on appearing in yet another publication! :D

    Maybe I should start a blog about the 'misuse' of the @ sign ;)

  5. ...and the blog gained another eighty regular visitors.

  6. Tian, congratulations again. With the increasing coverage of this blog, I suppose you would start collecting money from us!? :O

  7. Congrats, and interesting article.

    (Totally off-topic, but I'm just a little bit disturbed by the ad on the bottom right hand corner of the last page (Japanese women seeking European/American men to marry)...)