Monday, June 19, 2006

Aggressively Smooth

This photo dated Jun 12, 2006 in BMEzine’s gallery by ViciousVen (aka. Jimbo according to his stats on BMEzine and MySpace) had this caption:
My Friend Joe
Secong Victim (top tattoo only)
(by ViciousVen)
First of all, I think ViciousVen really meant to say was “second victim” instead of “secong”.

Secondly, why are the orientations of these two characters and rotated?


  1. I LOLed on this one. Something is just so preposterous about the notion of aggressive smoothness...

  2. it not my fault the my friend didnt tell me that his first tattoo is side ways, i only did the 2nd one and me been the dumb ass that i am, didnt check how the first one ways done, i feel bad enough my self for not checking!