Thursday, June 29, 2006

From Finland with Love

Jukka from Finland has emailed these two photos to me from a shop called Tattoo Heka.

The first one is a couple’s tattoo. They had tattoos that say (Monkey loves Dog) and vice versa. Assuming Dog and Monkey are their zodiac signs respectively.

Unfortunately nobody in the shop, including the clients and the tattooist, has realized that the character for “love” has been placed upside down.

I have seen the exact same Asian gibberish font used in tattoos twice before, and one of them was in Finland. But, it was too late for this Finnish young man.


  1. It looks like the circled part reads "Santtu", which is a Finnish given name. I figured it out based on your previous two posts with this ridiculous gibberish font. The first one (the stupid racist) had so many letters that it was easy to figure out that the second one said OS_SOUL. I figure that maybe the top of that tattoo is not visible, and it actually reads LOST SOUL. In which case, that character that looks a little like a katakana shi gone wrong would represent "T". Making this tattoo "Santtu". And the bottom character is "forever", right? What's the top one?

  2. Hah! I'm surprised you didn't call the entry "monkey love".

    Why the heck are they classified as 'tribal', I wonder?

  3. I have been wondering the same. In a way they are, but I'd still stay withing the definitions of the categories that are widely known. I'd rather call them ethnic than tribal.

    Off topic: last night watching the "4400" I saw that there's 3 characters "tattooed" on ones back. it's the "maia's aunt" person. Unfortunately couldn't come up how to get a photo of that, but I will try. Just though I'd let you know.

  4. Love, again. It seems they got that one right side up, though it is terribly written. I guess sometimes they forget which way the characters go.

    And to the comment above, I believe the tattoos were listed under "tribal" because they are in solid black ink (sharp lines, no shading, tasteless).

  5. Looking at the bottom pic here, the one with the big question marks. Duh! It means, "snake sell woman street 'shi-shi' extreme!" Duh!

    The guy obviously is a Finnish pimp who specializes in extremely raunchy "urine" (in Hawaiian pidgin, "shi-shi") fetishes.