Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Te Koop - I Evol You

Jonathan from Toronto has sent in this photo of Te Koop's window.

Te Koop - window sign

The red character is reversed.

Ironic part of this: Te Koop (Dutch phrase means "For Sale"), located on Queen street just east of Spadina, is less than a block away from Toronto's Chinatown.

For those of you think the sign would be correct when viewed from inside of the store.

It reads " I UOY".


  1. Huh, so sometimes one can be too close to bother..

  2. Hi - I find your comments on tattoos to be painfully funny.

    Thought you might be interested in this Live Journal which focuses on one Chinese Character a day.

    Cheers - d.

  3. Hey, I had posted a photo of that before!

    Admittedly, the photo you ran is better.

  4. Maybe they were trying to say 要 but when they gave it to the artist, it came out wrong... Far fetched but it can happen.

  5. Sign writing can be difficult at the best of times. Often, even with English, letters can come out backwards and you don't even notice until you've finished the whole piece.

    In this instance, the English letters are all reversible, (i.e. they look the same in their mirror image as they do normally), which only exasperates the problem; the sign writer was obviously writing backwards, from inside the door, and forgot to mirror the chinese character.