Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Fuck, Everyone!"

"Fuck, Everyone!" is exactly what this June 11th photo's caption said.

Don't forget to thank the artist:

Luke "Strycknine" Davison, "Drag'in Ink,Dermagraphics", San Pablo Bay-Area,California.


  1. "Big gall, not enemy" becomes "fuck everyone!"
    There, in a nutshell, is the vast and inelegant mystery of non-Chinese with Chinese tattoos.

    And it's on his NECK of all places. Listen non-asians, if you MUST get Chinese or Japanese tattoo but you don't have the time to fact check your characters, do yourself a favor and get it someplace private. The buttucks, for example.

  2. 大胆不敵 dai.dan.fu.teki = audacity; daredevil

  3. 大胆不敵 (daitan futeki) means something like "audacious" or "daring" in Japanese, so I guess you could kinda sorta connect that to "Fuck everyone!"

  4. "Courage-No Enemy" The idiom of Daitan (大胆) literally means "Big Gallbladder). Gall Bladder is associated with courage in Japanese (Not sure about Chinese)

    It's interesting to see internal organs are symbols of courage, but each language has a different one. For instance it's 胆, Gallbladder in Japanese, Guts or intestines for English and Yürek (heart) for Turkish.

  5. Also not the English, 'I can't believe you had the gall to do that...' Not quite courage as such, but not 100% unrelated... ish...

  6. Basically two words meaning almost the same thing.
    Bold, Fearless.
    Gall bladder by the way (In Japanese) is 胆嚢 Daitan
    胆 can be read as kimo meaning liver, and it is the liver that is associated with bravery in Japanese. But Daitan is a word of itself meaning bold, fearless etc

  7. This web site is hilarious! I don't have any tattoos and I have often wondered whether the people who get these chinese and japanese characters actually know what they say. Evidently not.

  8. Like the previous poster said it. A big thanks from hereabouts for saving my rainy day :)

    I have no tattoos either. But I can't help it: If the message someone wants to announce to the world will fall into "fuck you"- category, why try to camo it under Asian signs? Why not to put it in western letters (using capitals if necessary). "FUCK YOU", fair and square. Would be Much Better.

    But now, the whole thing is now wasted skin space. People tend to waste their space too easily.