Thursday, August 27, 2009

Peter has forward me this interesting story about a woman's tattoo experience.

"I have four Japanese symbols across my back, gleaned from a Japanese-English dictionary.


Yes, it would seem that in our haste, nobody took the semicolon from the dictionary entry out of the design and it now lives for eternity on my skin."


Peter and I are shaking our heads regarding:

She is apparently more upset that there's a semicolon attached to her tattoo than by the fact that the tattoo itself is terribly done.

According to the tattoo's owner, Naomi Dunford, "It was supposed to say 'Mother Daughter Sister Wife'. Then wife was a pain in the ass and it was supposed to say 'beauty.' Who the hell knows what it means at this point?"


  1. I don't speak fluent Japanese, but are those first two supposed to be "mother" and "woman"? If so, wow...

  2. It looks like the 女 agrees with you. It's got one leg lifted like it's trying to tiptoe away. 8-)

  3. So, is that...
    (Mother Woman Sister Beauty ;)

    It's poorly done (not atrocious, just poor), so I can't quite make out the last one. KF

  4. It could also be 毎女妹美, "every woman's younger sister is pretty/prettier".

    Sounds like someone has jealousy issue.

  5. Well according to the poster's comments, its supposed to be "Mother Daughter Sister Wife". So, complete fail there.

  6. The 母 seems to be upside down. I can't make out the last one either, but it is indeed probably 美 , although I can't think how that'd have anything to do with the meaning of "wife". Seems unlikely it is a really botched up 奥 (for 奥さん) either...

  7. To the Anonymous above me:

    It was supposed to be 妻, but according to the owner it was too much a pain to manage, so she opted for 美, but that didn't turn out so hot either.

  8. Is the woman a fool or is the "artist" un-professional for not having her check placement, etc., before starting to tattoo her? How could she photocopy the original again and again and not notice the ";", was on the enlargement?

  9. You're right, the 母 does look like 毎 Tian.