Thursday, September 1, 2005

Fake Zodiacs

Several years ago, this young man went to a tattoo shop in Germany and wanted zodiacs of his mother, sister and himself in Chinese characters to be tattooed on his back. He was very proud of it.

One friend of his has always thought the tattooed characters are fake and then sent a photo of it to a multi-lingual translation service. The translators could not figure out what exactly are those characters. Eventually, they have concluded the characters are gibberish that only mimicked Chinese and Japanese style of characters.

When I first saw this photo, the characters looked similar to some Chinese characters, but none of them are for zodiac.


  1. could be "you kuang mian" 有狂面 which could be "I have a crazy face"? Perhaps that's why his face is turned away.

  2. Even if he *had* gotten them right, it still might not have been a good idea. Remember the woman who had "cow" tattooed on herself?

  3. I think it can be.
    "寫在的" (simplified chinese)
    or japanese
    "庄所町". 大阪府高槻市"庄所町"