Saturday, November 5, 2005

Asian Font Gibberish

According to reader “Quaz”:

“It is a picture of a tattoo taken by some racist, who apparently just downloaded an ‘Asian’ font from the Internet, wrote ‘SAY NO TO NIGGERS’ with that font and let somebody to tattoo it in his back. Of course, since languages don't work that way - which apparently is too much to comprehend for our little white supremacist here - the message is completely incomprehensible, as it actually is just finish with a strange font.”

The tattoo is complete gibberish.

Update: The tattoo shown here is suppose to be Finnish of “SANO EI LAKUPEKOILLE”, which is the English equivalent for “say no to niggers”. The owner of the tattoo used an “Asian” font to mimic the alphabets. What the fool did not realize is that the Chinese do not use alphabets. Way to show your racial superiority by using another culture's language.

Racists are idiots.


  1. There's a needle-sharp irony in a white supremacist using a pathetic imitation of an Asian font for a tattoo.

    I saw a plastic Buddha statue the other day that had the swastika on its chest going the wrong way so that it was the Nazi swastika instead. That was almost as funny.

  2. Actually, there isn't a "correct" direction of swastika in Buddhist religion. Both directions are used, meanings do differ. Neither has nazi connotations originally.

  3. I think the buddhist swastika can go both ways, not sure though.

  4. "Sano ei neekereille", direct translation is "say no to niggers." I really can't find any compassion for this sucker.

  5. On the other side of the coin:

    Baka Gaijin!

    The caption says that it’s Japanese for "idiot roundeye". Which is more or less correct, the first 2 Kanji (horse & deer) combine to mean idiot or fool. And the last two together mean outlander, foreigner, or barbarian. So the last 2 Kanji don’t really mean roundeye. The Gaijin Kanji would apply to all non – native Japanese.

    A more accurate translation would be idiot foreigner. So anybody could get this tattoo.

  6. yeah this example of stupidity is so famous your blog isn't the only one laughing at those tattoos...

    here's his personal photo gallery:

    given his hobbies and the fact that he apparently has a son I'm afraid we'll see more of his kind in some 16 years.

  7. Wow, this bmezine website is just chock full of nonsense. Check this out: When did Cantonese start using Japanese writing systems? (I don't know a thing about Japanese, so I don't know if it's katakana or hiragana, but it's for darn sure not Chinese of any sort.)

  8. The swastika used in Asian traditions are usually counter-clockwise, while the Nazi swastika associated with white supremaists are clockwise.

    here is the reference:

  9. To Anonymous (12:40):

    In the picture of the woman with the tattoo on the side of her stomach, the tattoo says "セクシー", which literally means "sexy". It is both a transliteration of the English word, and the actual word used in the Japanese language (borrowed from English) to mean "sexy".

    The tattooist was skilled, as the characters look good.

  10. What the fool did not realize is that the Chinese do not use alphabets.

    Not to mention that, even if there were a Chinese alphabet, for the tattoo to work the alphabet would still have to 1) have each letter correspond exactly to a letter in the Finnish alphabet and 2) use Finnish spelling and grammar. Chinese would then just be Finnish with different-looking letters.

    The layers of incomprehensibility are astounding; the irony of a racist using a Chinese character font is just icing on the cake.

  11. Too bad this idiot doesn't have an email address listed on his website (not that I could find anyway).

    I hope he knows that people all across the world are laughing at him.

    Words fail me, what a total moron.

  12. You know I don't think this guy even cares what his tattoo really reads not many finnish people would be able to understand it anyway if it actually read something.

    LAKUPEKKA(doesn't directly or nessecarily mean "nigger") is an old name for a finnish liquorice candy (Laku -> meaning lakritsi -> meaning liquorice and Pekka being a finnish male name). It was only later that it was concidered a sort of racist name for a person with dark skin color. The design of the candy featured a "black man with curly hair and big lips". It was changed later though. So this person is not neccecarily a nazi type racist to the core and might just be joking with the tattoo but you never know.

    This guy is just silly...maybe some level of a nut case too though.

  13. Actually the Swastika is used in both clockwise and counterclockwise modes in Asian/Buddhist/Hindu art. The Nazis only use the clockwise one.

  14. To be fair, the "baka gaijin" tattoo was deliberately chosen by someone who knew what it meant, as a way of subtly mocking people who got tattoos they didn't understand. There's a BME article about kanji tattoos and whether they mean what their owners think they mean.

  15. Chinese hanzi and Japanese kanji look similar (I think the japanese kanji was partially or wholly derived from hanzi). In Taiwan there is a phonetic notation that is used which helps young students read proper hanzi (it serves the same purpose as the use of english characters to represent chinese). According to Chinese people I know who did not grow up with the Taiwanese phonetic system, it looks like Japanese. I grew up with the Taiwanese system, and can tell the difference.

  16. Oh dear.

    I wish I had a smiley to demonstrate what I think about that dude.

  17. I apologize, on behalf of all Finns, for this moron.

    "Lakupekka" could roughly be translated into "darkie", not "nigger", but I guess the message is clear either way.

    And no, this guy isn't talking about candy, I'm afraid. It just goes to show the type of wastrel we sometimes manage to create up here. A degenerate redneck asshole.

    I bet his son is also his nephew.

    Shame on his head, a pox on his home and spit on his grave.

  18. What xenobiologista said about irony.

    "Shame on his head, a pox on his home and spit on his grave."

    I prefer suksi suolle (but declined correctly), a very finnish insult for a finnish cretin.

    The tale about the Lakupekka character is sounds exactly like a finnish version of The Golliwog which was the mascot of a brand of jam (also available as a doll) even on into my childhood. I think it disappeared around the time that a childrens' TV show character named 'Big Ears' was deemed politically incorrect.

    Don't worry about Finland spawning an army of racist imbeciles, every country has a few. In Britain we have a fairly large political party which advocates (or did) the 'voluntary' repatriation of ethnic minorities. Interesting concept as most of the non-whites in Britian were born here.

  19. Anonymous wrote: _Sano ei neekereille", direct translation is "say no to niggers._

    "Sano ei neekereille" = "Say no to negroes".

    Sano ei nekruille = Say no to niggers.

  20. I don't want to be within 1000 miles of this guy when the Karma truck makes a stop at his place...
    ...but it gives me a great guilty pleasure to know that he did this to himself

  21. It's very strange that he's himself a half gipsy and he's a racist?! :D Not very bright guy, I can tell.. He has also beaten up his ex-girlfriend. And they even have a child together, duh?