Wednesday, August 4, 2010

from: Lindsey O.
date: Sat, Jul 31, 2010 at 11:51 AM
subject: tattoo

One of my exes has several tattoos that are either hanzi or kanji, though I am not sure which. I had always wondered if they actually mean what he believes them to, and was able to find a couple of pictures that had two of them (though, unfortunately I couldn't find any of the other one/ones). Those attached are supposed to say "way of the tiger" and "way of the dragon."


Granted these were not high resolution photographs, however 道大虎 and 道大龍 are not exactly "way of the tiger" and "way of the dragon".


  1. "Road Big Tiger" and "Road Big Dragon"?

  2. the Dao in there can also mean "the way" like in the daoiching for example yes it literally is "road" but it can also be the metaphorical road.

    Not sure why Big is in there though.

  3. Perhaps they should be in the other order? Though I'm not sure if 虎大道 wouldn't mean Tiger Highway instead.

  4. If read from the bottom up (i.e, inverted), it *COULD* mean Tiger Avenue and Dragon Avenue. Sounds like somebody wanted to write down an address on his arms but screwed up. But better "Tiger Highway" than Hershey Highway! Bwahahahahahahahaha...