Tuesday, October 12, 2004

"Motherly Beast Blessing"

What exactly is "motherly beast blessing"?

The first two characters are terribly done, especially consider the middle character is a badly botched simplification of beast, 獸.

Frankly, I believe my cat could have done better in her litter box while covering up her waste than this pathetic attempt.

母 = mother

獸 = animal, beast

祉 = blessings


  1. I do agree it's not totally beautiful, but the middle character is not wrong; it's the japanese simplification of beast, kedamono/kemono.

  2. I bet "beast" is supposed to say nature. This was probably intended to say "mother nature's blessing", a very new agey thing to have tattooed, but was badly translated.

  3. Mother and beast - maybe it's supposed to refer to the mother in law? Just a wild guess, but it came to mind immediately. :-)