Sunday, October 24, 2004

Mystery Coffin Carrier

I came across ths tattoo and it is obviously that he wanted "coffin carrier" or "the undertaker" to be tattooed. but I have never seen the middle character before. Wondering if I have missed something, I contacted John Pasden for a second opinion.

John checked his big fat Chinese dictionary, but it didn't have that character. His first impression was that it was supposed to be , but that doesn't make sense either. He then looked up "coffin" in a Japanese dictionary. It's written or .

To conclude, neither John nor I recognize the middle character, especially when the correct way to write is:


  1. ok for that second character....if you take off the part on the left of the character, it makes 財, which in cantonese is phoneticall the same as 材, but that still doesnt excuse the fact that the second character is still complete bullocks.....

  2. My guess, the person has been presented the right way of writing it, but he has though the middle character looks "boring" or "not so cool" and has wanted some extra decoration in it.

  3. I'm seriously embarrassed that my mums native language is being used to write the names of white trash wrestlers on white trash morons.
    good god