Monday, October 4, 2004

T-shirt found at Urban Outfitters 都市服裝

I saw this t-shirt for sale at Urban Outfitters (都市服裝). The character in the Chinese caption is reversed. The phrase 好彩 is used to describe a good performance, and in Cantonese, it means "lucky".

= good
= color or brilliant


  1. 好彩 does mean "luckily" in Cantonese.

  2. That word is not Cai, it's Mi Mi, which refers to as the nipples.

  3. Which "Mi Mi" are you talking about? Do you have a reference source to support your claim?

    Here is the entire Chinese pronounciation guide:

  4. Mi Mi does mean either nipples or breasts in Mandarin...

  5. just want to back up tian.
    i dunno who this anonymous fulla is but i don't see any mimi in there

    though the 3 slanted strokes (piě) i think is the katakana for the sound "mi".

    that being said, i find the translation kinda funny coz better characters could have been used for "luck" in this sense.
    i don't know how to explain but the connotation for this word doesn't seem too appropriate. it's more like "man that was lucky", kind of lucky.
    like if i said to someone "nei gam hou choi", it doesn't mean "you're so blessed!" kind of lucky but more like "you lucked out" sort of lucky.