Friday, October 1, 2004

Support from Sinosplice (华结)

John from Sinosplice(华 结 or traditional version: 華結) has emailed me this tattoo photo taken in Australia. The tattoo suppose to mean "Death before Dishonor"(寧死不受辱), but all the characters go the wrong way.

I guess the tattoo bearer must to explain to everyone from now on why he "rather to be a coward than die honorably".

寧 (simplified version: 宁) = rather

死 = death (or "to die")

不 = no (or "not to")

受 = suffer (or "to experience")

辱 = disgrace (or "dishonor")


  1. Oh this is sooooo sooo fabulous... I wish I have all the photos of the Tattooed idiots I kept seeing in the US when I was there. Some of it was all plane wrong. I was always really embarressed when people asked me if I liked their "Chinese tattoo" and I never wanted to say it was all skewed and missing a dash. My Chinese isn't great, but I can tell when something is wrong...

    Will be back...

    yan (

  2. hey buddy,

    look how you spelled "plain". You spelled it like this: "plane". who are you to make fun of other people's spelling mistakes when you can't take care of your own?

  3. he doesn't have "plane" tattooed on his body though, does he, moron?

  4. No, he doesn't have "plane" tattooed, but have you ever been to

    Japanese and Chinese advertisers frequently tack random English words onto their products because they think it makes it look more sophisticated.

    Or if they're feeling really magnanimous, they may actually translate one of their own product descriptions. But they frequently don't spend enough time to translate it even vaguely accurately.

    So who are you to call a non-Chinese or non-Japanese speaker "moron"? If you do, then it's just cultural ignorance on your part.

  5. It goes both ways. The webmaster of and I exchange photos frequently. There are many "Engrish" photos posted on my other site,

    So please do not be all butt hurt when you can't stomach your own medicine.