Saturday, October 30, 2004

Let the Laughter Begin

Not only this is a tattoo with terrible penmanship, but all the characters are mixed between Simplified and Traditional version. The second character from the right is upside down, and last character is wrongly written. Here is what critiques say about this "artwork":

Randall: "Yikes!"

: "Wah! Do I really need to count? This is such a horrible tattoo! I don't know why this 'phrase' is made up with both traditional and simplified characters. Second, the second and third last characters are up-side-down, and the second and last characters are actually the same character. I have no idea what the hell this tatto is supposed to tell people "Speed something something smart power?'."

Brendan: "Oh, man. I can't even tell what a couple of those are supposed to be. Also, it looks like it was colored in using a marker or something."

Eden: "Man, there's just too many errors. I feel sorry for that guy..."

= speed, velocity

() = power, right, authority

= lineage, ancestry; ancestor, clan

() = wisdom, knowledge, intelligence

= measure, quantity, capacity

= achievement, merit, good result


  1. It means, "I am white trash. Fear my small penis."

  2. I do not understand the American's obsession with genitalia sizes.

  3. This tattoo does not look like the permanent type to me.

  4. That's a real tattoo. Badly done, crappy shading, bad placement and probably guessed at by both artist and customer. Both of them should be spanked.

  5. hilarious. i enjoyed reading your posts...good stuff, good times.

  6. It's his super-power thing. Like "SHAZAM'- he reads them, and- WHAMMO! He gains all sorts of powers. Unfortunately, literacy isn't one of them.

  7. I think it should be "知识",since other words on his back are all simple. "智识" isn't a simple word.