Friday, November 18, 2005


When written correctly, means "to think" or "speculate".

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  1. When written incorrectly, it means, "I didn't think at all before getting this tattoo."

  2. Hi Tian,

    Just spotted a few pictures of Christina Aguilera's wedding rehearsal dinner which had a Japanese theme.

    There's a photo on there of the napkins which have characters on them supposedly spelling out "Christina" and "Jordan".

    Any word on the accuracy?

  3. The photo is blurry.


    "Christina" is クリスティーナ

  4. However, as it is written, it means "thimk."

  5. Obviously he's an Apple fan, since he wanted his "think" different.

  6. It seems like Christina is correct, but Jordan is incorrectly. It should be ジョダン.

  7. As Tian said, クリスティーナ is correct. Alternatively, following native Japanese pronunciation, クリスチーナ is also possible, since the English sound "tee" does not exist in Japanese. However, ジョーダン, not ジョダン is to be preferred, the lengthened vowel standing in for the unpronouncable (in Japanese) "r" sound. Sometimes, following Continental European pronunciation, ル is used in such a case for "r", so I suppose ジョルダン might also be possible, but it's not the most likely choice, IMHO.

  8. This is great! It's like the poster some people have (to make fun of the poster some OTHER people have) that says "THIKN!"
    Perhaps he did it on purpose (doubtful, but hey, I'm feeling generous today)

  9. ジョーダン would be the best phonetic match, but I imagine anyone who is fluent in Japanese would steer away from that transcription since it's homophonous with 冗談 (joudan, which means "joke").