Sunday, February 26, 2006

Asian Font Gibberish 2

In November of 2005, I posted about a racist in Finland tattooed himself with “SANO EI LAKUPEKOILLE”, which is the English equivalent of “say no to niggers”. Instead of just using plain Finnish, the racist idiot got it done in “Asian font” and resulted in complete gibberish.

Today this untitled photo was posted in’s Kanji tattoo gallery. The similarities in both tattoos have led me to believe there are more idiots out there sharing “Asian font”.


  1. I think that the character between 流 and 極 is the radical of chuo, like 送 but remove 关...

  2. I think it's Japanese katakana shi - シ.

  3. Actually, yeah, シ would work, as the Japanese pronunciation of the noun form of 'flow' is 'nagashi', written 流し. Except you use hiragana for the shi, unless you're trying to emulate a prewar document in which it would be written as 流シ, which makes no sense with the rest of the characters anyway, ARGH.

  4. Never underestimate the power of idiots in large numbers.

  5. or rather never underestimate the stupidity of badly written kanji in large numbers

  6. If you take it as a cryptogram, and try using the same system as the racist moron from before, you come up with:


    ...not that it helps the situation, but might give a little insight into what he was[n't] thinking.

  7. This is some funny stuff!

    I especially like the guy who was tough enough to have "Say no to Niggers" tatooed on his back but not brave enough to have it done in English.

    It's too bad the tatoo artist didn't embed "I want your balls on my chin" under this guys skin.

    Thanks for a hearty laugh!

  8. I think with the first three characters it was like this:

    The tatoo butcher had a note or something with what he wanted to "write". That note was written in western-style left to right writing. So he couldnt figure out what parts belonged to what character, and thus wroingly seperated 流.

    In a second mistake he wrote the right part first, then the radical on the left. When he was done with that, it came to his mind, that he might have fucked up.

    So he tryed to limit the damage, and wrote the bigger part again... can't be wrong, can it? ;)

  9. A white supremasist having "say no to niggers" writing in katakana/kanji on his forearm is dumb. He's a racist - why not write his message in "white" language script. Hey tough guy, how about writing it in English and parade yourself around Watts - then you'd be a real tough guy, a dead tough guy though.

  10. Using the font of a recent post here, it's supposed to say 'ostsoul'. Whatever that may mean.

  11. Lu said...
    Using the font of a recent post here, it's supposed to say 'ostsoul'. Whatever that may mean.

    "lostsoul" (lost soul) perhaps? It is possible that there is at additional character above the top of the picture.

  12. I must point out that back-translation for "say no to niggers" is "sano ei nekruille". The word "lakupekoille" (plural) is slang. Singular form "lakupekka" could be translated as "Peter the Liquorice".

    Actually the correct writing in Finnish should be "Laku-Pekka", because it is name, but because it has association to word nigger, it is used as noun (meaning nigger) and it is written in lower case and without dash.

    Etymology of the word is even longer story.

    But it is correctly translated as "say no to niggers".