Monday, February 13, 2006

Band Camp Girl's Happiness

(thanks to Vince and Ari for the tip and photo)

During a recent interview with American Pie/Wedding Band Camp girl Alyson Hannigan by New York Times' Page Six, it was revealed that Hannigan was unsure about her Japanese “happiness” tattoo.

Q: What does the tattoo on your back say?
A: It's the Japanese symbol for happiness.

Q: Are you sure that's what it is?
A: No, I'm not. I did research it beforehand, and I saw it in two different books, but you never know. In fact, a Japanese woman today asked me if she could see it, and I was a little afraid. I'm like, "Hmmmm - no."

Q: So there's a chance it says something like, "I am a monkey."
A: Yes. "Look how full of sh*t it is that I have this tattoo on."

Luckily for Hannigan, her tattoo is actually written correctly. Although the calligraphy could use some touch-up and could also mean "luck(ily), favor, fortunately, wish".

This which reminded me a quote by Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers:

"Tattoo on the lower back? Might as well be a bullseye."


  1. I would tell AH anything I thought she wanted to hear...

  2. I saw Alyson in person years ago, and I remember seeing two characters on her back... not positive though.
    She also had on a bracelet that was a string of white cubes (maybe ivory) with characters written on them.

  3. At least she has the humility to admit that the characters could be absolute bull.

  4. my chinese character tattoos are all covered up now, with something I like much more. this site is great, I continue to tell people about it and warn anyone who tells me they want a tattoo like this done, guess I wasn't thinking much when I got mine done. if anyone wants an oriental tattoo, stick to dragons and koi, a fish is a fish and a dragon is a dragon, you don't have to explain them to anyone, unless they've never seen a fish or dragon before.