Saturday, February 4, 2006

Brokeback Alpha Dog

I was first informed in November of 2004 about Justin Timberlake’s new movie “Alpha Dog” (opens on Feb. 24, 2006).

Timberlake plays a character named “Frankie Ballenbacher” and the movie is based on the real life of Jesse James Hollywood, a drug dealer who became one of the youngest men ever to be on the FBI's most wanted list.

Why would a hardcore criminal get a tattoo that says “ice skating” on his arm?

Perhaps he is a “brokeback” alpha dog.

Update: Reader Theresa says:

Here's a link to Tinsley Transfers, a company that apparently provides most of Hollywood with its temporary tattoos. It should interest you to see that characters are not only listed as Chinese/Japanese "symbols", but that they are listed under the TRIBAL section of the webpage. Funny, I don't see one that says "Hakka."

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  1. It's good to know you are around Tian. I wonder what the film people will do when they find out about the funny tattoo?

  2. Ice skating. Hmm ... ice ... ice? Diamonds? Skating. Skate. Blade. Cut. Cut diamonds. Cut diamonds for international smuggling. Yeah! That's it! He got it as a diamond smuggler!

  3. I totally need to link this in my livejournal. I have many, many N'Sync fans on my flist.

    How do you say "amused" in Chinese?

  4. Then this would qualify as 不好笑。How about 悲?

  5. 谢谢!

    :hopes this comes out, as some characters don't show up in my browser:

  6. they are listed under the TRIBAL section of the webpage. Funny, I don't see one that says "Hakka." dad is Hakka, I should tell him this one.

  7. I followed a link from Defamer to here, and it's pretty funny.

    I had a friend who thought he had a pretty cool t-shirt with Chinese writing on it. He actually wore it on a trip to Hong Kong. He wanted to learn what the characters meant.

    He found out. The entire time he wore the shirt people were saying things like "Hey, Kung Fu, don't hurt me." or "I know Kung Fu, too! Now we fight!"

  8. I like how Tinsley Transfers' Chinese and Japanese 'Symbol' fake tattoos are all backward. Considering that none of their fake tattoos that contain English are shown in reverse, I have to assume that somebody at Tinsley Transfers doesn't know the difference, and therefore, neither can their customers. BTW... what the hell is 'Ying Yang'? Idiots.

    Back in the day when those 'Hina Maru' (Japanese flag) T-shirts with bold, black, 'brushed' Kanji characters over the red dot were all the rage, had a friend whose favorite T-shirt read [b]大口[/b].

    When I told her what it meant, she never wore it again.

  9. Maybe they wanted to portray him as the kind of guy who would get a Chinese tattoo without researching what it actually meant, thus making it extra realistic? :)

    Also, the Japanese flag is "hi no maru" ("sun's circle") not "hina maru".

  10. 悲?
    not really..
    i think he would be 尷尬..

  11. Terrible tats! Never know why they do it. Well, there's a variety of reasons I suppose....

    And as a "brokebacker", I'll put on record that I went ice skating once, found it lame and never returned. But you probably meant the dig ironically, right...? I mean, if we start selectively stereotyping, who knows *where* we'll end up!