Sunday, October 16, 2005

Upside Down "Beauty"

This young man is proudly displaying his newly done tattoo. Too bad the first character (beauty) is upside down. Perhaps the young should get (superficial) as a cover-up tattoo.

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  1. it also looks like the upside down character has three top strokes instead of two...

  2. at first i thought it was 羔...

  3. Got to like that wikkid "The Fast and the Furious" poster in the background...

    I wish we could see a pic of this guy's car. I bet it has some more f'ed up characters on it.

  4. And if hand-written characters are bad enough as tatoos, printed-style is even worse !
    Your site should be the default result for all internet searches on "tatoo", "chinese" and "japanese", you'd save lives !